Only with your support can change be made!

Donate things

The children need many things, and you are invited to contribute. Examples of items highly appreciated are football shoes and clothes (ages 6 to 17), mobile phones, clothes, books in English or Portuguese, balls, toys.

Transport of the donated items are done in suitcases when someone goes to Benguerra. So if you want to donate things, please also donate 110 USD for the cost of an extra suitcase. Many thanks!

Volunteering at Benguerra

Knowledge is what a volunteer brings to the community at Benguerra. Perhaps you can teach English to the children or to their parents, or maybe share your skills in art, handicraft, sewing, sports, health care, agriculture, math, engineering, physics, robotics, or other relevant fields? Maybe you can contribute with vocational skills such as cooking, skipper, gardening, house keeping, carpentry, mechanics, etc.? Or with personal development such as swimming, personal health or sexual education?

Volunteers will need to be supported by donations to cover travel, accommodation, and other expenses. No salaries are paid to volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact us and we together we can make a long term plan.

Working within the organization

EmPower Benguerra is a small organization. We welcome applications to work with various aspects of our projects. No salaries are paid but this is pro bono work.