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This journey started with love. On the first meeting with this amazing country, I was overwhelmed with the beauty. The beauty of those serene beaches, the majestic animals. And the beauty of a generous, kind and lively people.

Annika, Founder of EmPower Benguerra

A Swedish charity foundation

EmPower Benguerra is a small Swedish charity organization focused on supporting the school and community at the island of Benguerra in Mozambique.

Our work will be directed by the needs and mandate of the Benguerra Community and the Benguerra School. The goal for EmPower Benguerra is to enable growth and prosperity at Benguerra through Education & Entrepreneurship.

The organization

This foundation builds on the personal engagement of a few individuals, based on the love for the island of Benguerra and its people.

All projects are fully dependent on donations of time, skills, money and other resources. All activities will be fully transparent as regards budgets, input and outcomes, individuals involved, etc.

In a first phase, the foundation with have a five-year mandate to engage at Benguerra. The work will start on a small scale and grow as the funding and human resources grow. All contributions from donors go directly to the community and children at Benguerra. We as founders take care of all the administrative costs. To keep the administrative costs to a minimum we have a very lean organization.

The foundation is independent from any government, organization or company, and is politically, religiously and culturally neutral.

Our role

The role of EmPower Benguerra is to encourage and give resources to empower.
Education can empower & our focus is on the school children.
To support entrepreneurship within the community can empower people,
To EmPower women and men to become Entrepreneurs can lead to economic growth and new jobs.
Access to electric power opens up new possibilities.

Our core values